A spill kit is an organised set of equipment which is very well and specifically designed to deal with cleaning up dangerous and hazardous substances. It enables you to clean the spill efficiently in the safest way possible. Spill Kits, Spill Station come in various forms and could be used for different types of spills. There are kits in duffle bags, trailers and wheelie bins. The typical contents of a spill kit include waste disposal bags, PPE wear, absorbents for soaking up the spill, dispersants and a containment boom for preventing further spread of the spill. If you are planning to buy spill kits or Portable Bund,  Australia, you could find all such products from Spill Station. Click here to know more about the products you could find from Spill Station.

The purpose of a spill kit would be to contain the spill at the earliest and clean it up effectively. As a responsible workplace, one of your main focuses is to protect your staff as well as the environment. Working with hazardous chemicals is not a light task. It is very important to prepare for all possible situations.

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When to use a Spill Kit?

A spill kit is used when a dangerous chemical spills or leaks in the workplace. The purpose of a spill kit is to contain, clean up and control. The hazardous substances that a spill kit could clean up include petroleum, fuels, oils, hazardous chemicals, sewage, protein fluids, cooking oils and solvents. If you work with any of such substances, you should seriously consider getting a spill kit or a bunch of them for your workplace needs. The purpose of a spill kit is to clean up the hazardous substances. It is a fast and easy way to deal with an accident of any kind which involves the use of such liquids. 

Who uses a Spill Kit?

Spill kits are used in various different workplaces and industries. It includes laboratories, hospitals, shipping depots, transport companies, warehouses and workshops, automotive repair and maintenance shops, commercial kitchens and restaurants, oil, gas and mining sectors, manufacturers, defence sector, city councils and public amenities and docks and marinas. If you are working with hazardous substances, you are likely to need one. 

Types of Spill Kits 

There are various types of spill kits. 

·        General-purpose: A universal kit that is used for containing non-hazardous substances. The materials in this kit help to absorb coolants, water, solvents and antifreeze.

·        Marine: This kit is specifically designed to deal with grease and oil spills. The materials in the kit are designed to repel water so it could be used in an accident such as an ocean oil spill.

·        Workshop: It is suitable for dealing with hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons. It is used mostly in manufacturing plants and industries. 

What are chemical bunds and why do you need them?

A chemical bund could be a permanent built structure or fabrication or for smaller volumes, a portable item that is manufactured from lighter materials. Bunds have the ability to prevent the spread of leaking liquids and it can also give the operators enough time to find and solve the cause of a leak.

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